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AMTOPP’s Scholarship Program

Through the support of its members, AMTOPP offers scholarships to Montana 4-H Clubs and Future Farmers of America (FFA). A raffle is held each year at the annual conference to raise money for the scholarship fund. Awarding two, $250 scholarships to Montana 4-H Clubs, and one $500 scholarship to a college-bound (FFA) student.

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AMTOPP members firmly believe the education and promotion of the Green Industry begin with our youth; learning and participating in the industry at home and in their communities. The 4-H Scholarship is awarded to the 4-H individuals or clubs with the best project that will benefit their club and their community. The FFA Scholarship recipients use their money for college expenses. Some of the projects include:
  • Starting a community garden in the community, using the money to buy seeds and starter plants.
  • Install a native garden at a local city park in their community.
  • Plant Aspen and Cottonwood trees on the creek bank of school grounds as an experiment to see if they would push out the Russian Olive trees.
  • Create a spirit garden
  • Construct raised beds with drip irrigation to grow crops for Katie’s Krops*
  • Plant a small organic apple orchard
*Katie’s Krops (www.katiekrops.com) is a foundation that sponsors youth across the US to grow gardens that help fight against hunger.

The 4H Scholarship Application is due February 1, each year and the FFA Scholarship Application is due January 30, each year.

APPLICATION AND REQUIREMENTS Applications can be found on the respective organizations’ websites:



If you know of a club or individual who could benefit from one of these scholarships, please let them know it is available.