Scholarship Program




Through the support of its members, AMTOPP offers scholarships to Montana 4-H Clubs and Future Farmers of America (FFA).

A raffle is held each year at the annual conference to raise money for the scholarship fund.

Awarding two, $250 scholarships to Montana 4-H Clubs, and one $500 scholarship to a college-bound (FFA) student. 

AMTOPP members firmly believe the education and promotion of the Green Industry begin with our youth; learning and participating in the industry at home, and in their communities.


The 4-H Scholarship is awarded to the 4-H individuals or clubs with the best project that will benefit their club and their community. 


 The FFA Scholarship recipients use their money for college expenses. 


Some of the projects include:

  • Starting a community garden in the community, using the money to buy seeds and starter plants. 
  • Install a native garden at a local city park in their community.  
  • Plant Aspen and Cottonwood trees on the creek bank of school grounds as an experiment to see if they would push out the Russian Olive trees.
  • Create a spirit garden
  • Construct raised beds with drip irrigation to grow crops for Katie's Krops*
  • Plant a small organic apple orchard


*Katie's Krops ( is a foundatioon that sponsors youth across the US to grow gardens that help fight against hunger.




Applications can be found on the respective organizations' websites: and

The 4H Scholarship Application is due February 1, each year and the FFA Scholarship Application is due January 30, each year. 

If you know of a club or individual who could benefit from one of these scholarship, please let them know it is available.



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