History of AMTOPP

Founded January 24, 1990, when a group of green industry professionals decided their companies, and others like them did not have representation by any existing association, thus forming the Association of MontanaTurf & Ornamental Professionals.(AMTOP)


During the conference of 2007 the membership voted in the additional ‘P,' adopting it into the by-laws, forming the Association of Montana Turf, Ornamental & Pest Professionals.(AMTOPP).


Today, the members of AMTOPP include a large array of disciplines within the private and public sectors of the green industry, in Montana.


The Board of Directors strive to keep the association moving into the future while maintaining the founding members vision.

2015 Community Stewardship Award

AMTOPP is proud to announce it has been awarded the Community Stewardship Award for its company’s ongoing culture of giving back within the community, sponsored by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

This award recognizes NALP member companies and organizations that have demonstrated leadership through their dedication and contribution to the good of the community. NALP is committed to honoring those companies that have made a real contribution to their community and who have showcased their commitment to creating and preserving the beauty of our landscape. 

Volunteer Opportunity

AMTOPP host a Summer Field Day each August to perform work on the grounds of one of Montana’s Veterans Facilities.  Members of AMTOPP provide their expertise and donate time and material to fertilize lawns; deep root feed trees; pruning and removal of trees, and other task as needed. 

This event is structured after the national Renewal and Remembrance day held at Arlington Cemetery, in Washington, D.C., and hosted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). 

Educational Opportunities

Summer Field Day - After the work is completed on the Veterans' grounds, an educational session, in the form of a 'walkabout,' takes place with discussion about plant issues encountered during the work on the grounds, such as insect damage, improper planting of trees and shrubs and other issues.  

Annual Conference - AMTOPP hosts an Annual Winter Conference and Trade Show each January.  The conference is two and one-half days filled with educational opportunities provided by a variety of well-qualified speakers.  

Workshops, meeting the necessary requirements, provide continuing education units for members to maintain professional licenses and certifications with the Montana Department of Agriculture, ISA.

ISA Testing - The ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) exam is offered during the conference. 

Trade Show - Trade Show Exhibitors provide information regarding products and services, along with other valuable information, during the conference. 


Association of Montana Turf, Ornamental and Pest Professionals

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